RethinkBirth’s Story: Why Did I Get Into Birthwork?

After the birth of my first child, I felt relief–like I’d dodged a bullet, really. His birth was attended by midwives, and relatively smooth–although I’d been threatened with hospital transfer.

I felt out of control and like I had very little say in what happened to me.

I didn’t plan on having FOUR more babies over the next twelve years, but that’s exactly what I did!
My 3rd birth was natural, yet deeply traumatic. It wasn’t until my last two babies–my home births–that I began my process of healing and empowerment.

Reclaiming what was taken from me was not an easy path–and I had to walk it largely alone.

People weren’t talking about birth trauma as much back then.
After my last baby’s birth, I found myself consumed by a desire to do something to help other women.
Too many of us face unsavory birth choices (or none at all), and aren’t given the tools or techniques that can make a huge difference in how we experience birth.

I got into birthwork because I felt compelled to help other women realize that our birthing journey should be surrounded by love, not fear.

We as mothers can educate ourselves and make informed, courageous choices about our care, instead of shrinking and cowering behind a list of standard medical protocols.
The products I offer, including my Conscious Pregnancy Workbook and Mother Blessings eKit, were created with the conscious, awake, and empowered mother in mind.
My products aren’t just another flowery pregnancy list of how-tos, they’re full of concrete information on how to shift your mindset and take charge of your own care–regardless of where or how you’ll be giving birth.
I realize that not every pregnant person has access to a doula, or is partnered in a loving and supportive relationship. Not every pregnant person has the means (or the low-risk profile) to give birth where she would most prefer.
The Conscious Pregnancy Workbook is for those mothers who are yearning for a different approach to birth, even if they can’t change everything about their perinatal care experience.

My entire mission in childbirth education is to expand the horizons of possibility for all pregnant people who are desiring MORE…

…whether that’s healing, peace, or simply the power that comes with real CHOICE.

Please, I invite you to download my free eKit, called Releasing Birth Fears.
Since 2009, I’ve attended many births as a doula, read countless books, attended dozens of trainings; and I’ve been honored to work closely with professionals and visionaries alike in the Austin, Texas area and beyond.

Thank you for your interest in this shared and passionate mission of rethinking birth for all!