Reiki Treatment

Reiki treatment is an ancient healing art using energy & vibration to aid the physical body, mind, and emotions.

Reiki treatments work by harmonizing the subtle energy meridians of the body, similar to both acupuncture and homeopathy.  This can be done either by moving the hands around the body (without physical touch), or via distance healing.

distance Reiki healing
Gorgeous original artwork entitled Healing Hands, by Barbara Lea – found on Fine Art America.

A little background on Reiki treatment & vibrational healing:
Healing via “laying on of hands” has been around since pre-Biblical times.  Further, the idea that all matter is actually vibrating energy is nothing new. Geniuses like Einstein & Edison both stated that the very thing that makes up all matter is its vibration. They also knew that the human brain is the most powerful transmitter & receiver of frequency known to mankind. Each molecule and atom vibrates at a different frequency, or rate, and the overlapping of all these frequencies is what makes carbon different from iron, or a rock a rock.  Now, stones emit very stable, predictable frequencies. However, people’s brains are capable of emitting and receiving an infinite number of frequencies, which are changing with every thought, belief, and emotion.

Joy is a frequency, and so is love, faith, or prayer. Disease is also a frequency.

Even the hormones in our brain actually act via vibration, harmonizing with receptor site neurons to affect our physical bodies.  In the late 1800’s, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was fascinated with healing the body via the concept of “like cures like” – the central tenet of homeopathy. Later, in the 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach expanded his research to include the emotions, and created a system of vibrational healing called the Bach Flower Remedies.

Homeopathic remedies are chemically all the same  – but vibrationally, each remedy is unique. They act on the body on a vibrational level, which is not readily discernible from physical evidence–except to note that healing and relief does occur! Vibration and frequency are like radio waves, and will readily harmonize with a receptive individual regardless of time or distance, which is why Reiki works even without physical presence.  Reiki treatment is basically a conscious harnessing and redirecting of the frequency that we are already all emitting and receiving.  

Reiki healings can help to clear blockages and equalize the flow of your Chi, allowing your body to naturally attain a more balanced state, both mentally and physically.  Reiki can also charge your energy centers, or Chakras, giving you more clarity, vitality, and peace of mind.  

–>  Some people prefer to lie down in a quiet space when receiving distance Reiki, but it’s not required. Others simply go about their day as usual and trust that the energy will flow to them in the most beneficial way, at the correct time for them.  

I have been attuned as a Reiki practitioner in the unique lineage of several dear friends’ shamanic & Usui Reiki paths.

However, I never really got into offering Reiki as a “service”, and utilize it only when, how, and with whom I feel called to. Here’s why.

Each Reiki treatment is unique, and specifically attuned to your needs in the moment, even if it’s a past issue that’s causing the present trouble or strife. Reiki is usually not sent unless the receiver personally requests it, although all Reiki is sent with the express intention that it only work toward the receiver’s highest good, whatever that may be.  

Every part of our bodies, minds, and souls are interwoven in ways science has yet to fully explain. Reiki treatments have often been beneficial where conventional biological wisdom of the body has fallen short.