The BEST Birth Plan Kit


The BEST Birth Plan Kit guides you through pros and cons of various comfort measures and helps you learn about interventions. With this, you’ll be able to confidently choose your priorities, no matter where or how you birth.


Get The BEST Birth Plan Kit for a calm and confident birth.

Pregnancy is a time of growth and learning, with lots of decisions to make! There’s tons of birth planning tools out there, but THIS is the best birth plan kit!

NEWLY updated with an additional 14 pages of information on Cesarean birth and induction of labor (both “natural” and medically-managed)!

One quick and simple way to become more informed about your options is to create a birth plan. This kit is an excellent tool to help you thoroughly explore your options.

In this kit, you’ll find a concise breakdown of the options available, how they might affect you, and why you may want to learn more. I’ve even sought out evidence-based, easy-to-understand links for further reading on certain topics.

You’ll learn what “evidence-based” really means, and what kinds of questions you should really be asking your care providers.

You’ll also find out more about both in-hospital birth, and out-of-hospital birth.

When I had my own babies, I found various, seemingly endless lists of things to avoid, but little clear information about WHY.

I knew what I generally wanted, but I didn’t realize how un-informed I actually was…!

Ideally, writing a birth plan should encourage you to think deeply about your choices – and help you to feel more confident in yourself.

That’s exactly why I created this kit, just for YOU!

This kit was written over several years of attending near-weekly births, and it considers each and every angle. You’ll be encouraged to make a list – and THEN you’ll pare down your list to the essentials.

Why? Because a 12-page birth plan may be helpful as part of your decision-making process, but it won’t be useful in the middle of labor!

You’ll need a clear list of priorities to focus on what’s most important to you – and this is where The BEST Birth Plan Kit really shines. I highly recommend pairing this with The Conscious Pregnancy Workbook!