Placenta encapsulation can help with balancing your hormones following childbirth.

I am no longer offering placenta services at this time. Please check the Central Texas Resource List to find a practitioner!

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Concerned about GBS? I understand. Being fully informed of the facts is vital.


There are many benefits to consuming your placenta via encapsulation:
  • helps with your postpartum energy levels
  • maintains an abundant milk supply
  • balances postpartum moods
  • supports the postpartum healing process

You can decide to encapsulate your placenta at any time up until delivery, even if you have a Cesarean birth.

I follow the Traditional Chinese Method of preparation, and typically use gelatin capsules (vegan caps available upon request).

  • I’ve been trained in blood-borne pathogens and have gone through the food handlers’ certification program as well.
  • I’ve been doing placenta encapsulation professionally since 2014, and have been professionally mentored with oversight of my sanitation and preparation methods.
  • I do not include any medicinal herbs in my preparation, as sometimes they don’t agree with new moms for various reasons.
  • Since the new state law (HB 1670) has been passed, obtaining your placenta from any Texas hospital is as simple as asking for it, and filling out a form or two.


Please view my Central Texas Resources List to find a fantastic Placenta Specialist!