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Conscious + Online Childbirth Education

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It’s time for conscious childbirth and FREEBIRTH to shine!

90% of your birth experience is created by your MIND and conscious awareness…and freebirth requires a very high level of self-trust, attunement to your inner world, and the ability to remain open to all possibilities…including the ones you’d prefer to avoid.

The Sacred Waves online childbirth education curriculum is a seven-session, holistic childbirth education course.

You’ll receive 7+ core content videos and gorgeous, full-color PDF downloads.

5 bonus videos cover hip squeezes, counter-pressure, and optimal positioning for labor.

  • Do you want to learn about birth from a BODY, MIND, SPIRIT perspective?
  • Would you like to connect with your inner child and release your limiting beliefs?
  • Do you want to feel calm and confident during pregnancy?

The Sacred Waves program supports the whole, conscious birthing person.

Our topics include…

  • Informed consent and decision-making
  • Clarifying beliefs about labor and birth
  • The relationship between fear and pain
  • All about labor and its many variations of normal
  • Practical pain coping practices
  • The role of hormones in childbirth
  • Birth plans and managing expectations
  • Medical interventions & labor induction
  • Cesarean birth: Reducing one’s odds and healing afterward
  • The first few hours after birth
  • Healing of your body & emotions postpartum
  • The “4th trimester” (mother/baby’s first 6 weeks)

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The Sacred Waves curriculum offers a MIND – BODY – SPIRIT approach:


What do you believe about birth? What do you want to know? Where are your fears and worries based?


Learn the wisdom of correct body positioning. Practice massage techniques, comfort measures, and communication for labor.


What can you do to ease your worries and calm your fears? Let’s explore your birth beliefs more fully.


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