Mother Blessings

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Mother blessings are simply defined as celebrations that honor and support a woman as she transitions into motherhood.

“Modern culture has become so focused on the baby-to-be, that we’ve forgotten the mother about to be born.”

These gatherings can be secular, spiritual, or anything in between…

It’s a ritual for women, by women–and is designed individually to suit the mother-to-be.

These ceremonies are usually followed by a feast or potluck meal, and an abundance of joy, tears and laughter.

Mother Blessing ceremonies were originally modeled after the Blessingway, a sacred ritual of the Dine (Navajo) people. Its purpose is to bring community together in support of a person making a major life transition.

Out of respect for the Dine people, many choose not to use this term, opting to call these modern celebrations Mother Blessings or Birthing Ways.

Get started planning your Mother Blessing Ceremony:

Mother Blessing ceremonies typically last at least three hours or more, as they often create a powerful connection between the women present. Stories will start to flow, and the typical potluck-style feast that follows will be filled with love, laughter, and deep conversations.

  • Ideally, you can start planning a Mother Blessing ceremony by the 6th or 7th month of your pregnancy.
  • Perhaps you’re planning a mother blessing as a surprise for the expectant mama in your life, or perhaps you’re celebrating yourSELF!  Either is beautiful and sacred.
  • Mother Blessings are typically held in the 8th or 9th month, so having a month’s time to plan the ceremony is ideal.

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Mother blessings can consist of many different elements, including:

  • Henna: Beautiful belly art can be applied at your mother blessing and will last for one to three weeks afterward.
  • Hair garden: A wreath of colorful, fresh flowers to crown the mother-to-be.
  • Release of fears:  A sharing of worries and fears by everyone present.
  • Weaving the web: Often done with a ball of red yarn, this activity symbolizes the umbilical cord that binds all of us together in birth and life.
  • Herbal foot bath: Relax and pamper the mama-to-be with an herbal foot bath.
  • Special readings: Poetry, prayers, chants, sacred scriptures, positive birth stories…whatever calls to your heart.
  • Presentation of labor/postpartum gifts to pamper and celebrate the mother instead of, or in addition to, baby items.

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Celebrate your impending motherhood as well as your baby-to-be.

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