Labor Calm Spray with Bach Flower Essences + Essential Oils

One of the ways you can personalize your labor room is by bringing a bottle of aromatherapy spray with you. I call mine Labor Calm Spray.

I kept a bottle of Labor Calm Spray in my doula bag when I attended hospital births. Usually, the hospital staff were not okay with an essential oil diffuser being plugged in. They do have a point – scents can become overwhelming very quickly, especially during labor, in a small, poorly ventilated room!

A small bottle of scented spray is easy to use without “permission”…and it dissipates quickly enough that the scent won’t become overwhelming.

Nurses, OBs and clients alike all loved it, and would comment often on how different our room felt compared to the rest of the labor suites.

My secret is that it’s not just essential oils and water, but also some Bach Rescue Remedy!

Rescue Remedy, like all Bach flower essences, are homeopathically-based medicine for the emotions.

Flower essences can naturally and swiftly rebalance unhelpful emotional states, and they’re especially helpful in highly-charged scenarios like labor and birth!

Usually, flower essences are taken in water, internally–but they can also be added to a spritz bottle and used as a mist.

They don’t change the smell of your spritz blend, and since they’re alcohol-based (brandy), they will even act as a preservative for your spritz.

How to make Labor Calm Spray:

To a 2-ounce spritz bottle (glass or plastic is fine), add the following…

Bach flower essences – two drops of each chosen essence, up to seven!

  • Star of Bethlehem (for trauma, shock, and specifically, childbirth)
  • Olive (for when you feel physically exhausted and can’t find the strength to go on–i.e. transition)
  • Walnut (for coping with change, and resisting unhelpful outside influences)
  • Mimulus (for fear of known things)
  • Elm (for emotional overwhelm)
  • White Chestnut (to quiet thoughts that run endlessly in your mind)
  • Rescue Remedy (since this is already a blend, add FOUR drops, and reduce your total number of essences to FIVE)

Essential oils – choose your scents wisely, you may change your mind about them during labor!

  • Frankincense – 8 drops (Frankincense opens the crown chakra, and increases feelings of spiritual connection)
  • Neroli OR Jasmine OR Geranium – 8 drops (These flowery scents have been used traditionally during childbirth for thousands of years)
  • Clary Sage – 8 drops (or more–but DON’T use this before 37 weeks, because clary sage can encourage contractions!)
  • Balance doTERRA blend OR Valor Young Living blend – 6 drops (These help spinal alignment and also give emotional fortitude in times of stress!)
  • Lavender – 6 drops (Lavender is key in promoting feelings of relaxation–but it’s not for everyone)
  • Lemon/Lime/Orange/Grapefruit – 4 drops (Citrus scents are emotionally uplifting, and can release tension–which in turn can regulate blood pressure)

Top off with pure water, and voila–you’ve made your very own bottle of Labor Calm Spray.

Shake and spritz!