Virtual Birth Doula Support with Krystal Trammell | Austin, Round Rock, Texas

Getting a doula is one of the best decisions you can make for your birth – and that shouldn’t have to change because of Covid-19.

As of June 2020, I am offering virtual birth doula support in the Round Rock & Austin, Texas area!

Killeen Texas doula Krystal Trammell RethinkbirthCongratulations on your pregnancy, Love! Having a baby is such an affirmation of hope for the future – especially during these times. With me as your virtual doula, you’ll benefit from my gentle support, help, and guidance during pregnancy, labor and birth, and even during your first 6 weeks postpartum.

Why a virtual birth doula? Because in these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to have the unwavering and calm presence of someone who’s educated in childbirth, and has supported many families in their transition from partners to parenthood.

What does a virtual birth doula DO?

I’ll meet with you and your partner for several video-chats before you ever go into labor. We can schedule them in advance, and I will also be available for impromptu calls – for example, after you’ve seen your care provider, or if something about your situation changes.


  • Talk about all things birthy with you! I will help you find answers to your carseat and nursing bra questions, tell you about the best ways to get rid of heartburn, and (if you’re local!) I’ll even recommend other Austin-based professionals to meet all your needs.


  • Help you determine whether you’re really in labor, and what course of action to take when you’re feeling nervous, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed
  • Teach and guide you and your partner through pain coping techniques during pregnancy, and remind you of how to use them when you really need them
  • Provide support via video-chat and/or phone support during your labor (however long it takes, I’m on-call for you)
  • Provide informational support and levelheaded guidance as your labor progresses

You’ll also gain access to my digital childbirth education materials, and my Conscious Pregnancy Workbook as part of your virtual support package,

Doulas provide information, physical support, and emotional support for a family’s birthing journey.

Read my article about the benefits of having a doula here. Research shows that among couples who have doula support during their birth, the moms report shorter labors, and they even find their partner more attractive!

  • A doula doesn’t do clinical tasks like cervical checks or blood draws, which differs from your primary care provider.
  • A doula is beneficial even if you’re birthing with a midwife, because they fulfull different roles.
  • Doulas don’t give medical advice. Instead, they help you find the best information and resources to make confident decisions on your own.

Having a doula present at your birth is really only a part of the benefit – it’s the RELATIONSHIP that really makes all the difference.

Consistent and caring prenatal support, customized classes, creating your birth plan with an educated birth professional…these are all invaluable benefits of hiring a doula, whether that’s in-person or with virtual birth doula support.

But, what about partners? How does a doula help them?

No way! A great doula helps you and your partner communicate more clearly, and helps to bring you closer together! Doulas teach coping techniques that work for both of you, and help you have a better understanding of what to expect when labor begins.

Ideally, prenatal doula support will give your partner additional confidence in their ability to support you. You’ll also be able to labor at home in the early stages for longer, which is more calm, safe, and comfortable for both of you.

Partners can’t reasonably be expected to learn everything about birth in less than nine months. During labor, they are often tired too, as well as concerned about your and baby. Doulas help partners to support their partners more effectively. Doulas are also there to take over when partners need to rest, eat, or sleep.

Some partners prefer to be very hands-on and involved, and other partners may need to step out periodically to regroup. Either way can be okay. Doulas have a knack for “reading the room” and will discreetly step back to allow the birthing parent and their partner to connect more intimately if that’s what they prefer.

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