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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Getting a doula is one of the best decisions you can make for yourSelf and your birth.

I am no longer offering birth doula services. Good luck in choosing the doula that’s right for you!

Killeen Texas doula Krystal Trammell RethinkbirthYou can benefit from a doula’s help during pregnancy, during your labor and birth, and in the first 6 weeks postpartum as well.

For example, if you know your partner will be deployed, full doula support at all stages might be a clear and obvious need. If your mother and sister are able to come and stay with you for your entire due month, you may need less (or more!) professional support than you would otherwise. It’s different for every family dynamic.

What does a doula DO?

She provides information, physical support, and emotional support for a family’s birthing journey. Read my article about doulas here.  Research shows that among couples who have doula support during their birth, the moms report shorter labors, and they also find their partner more attractive! A doula doesn’t do clinical tasks like cervical checks or blood draws, which differs from your primary care provider. A doula is beneficial even if you’re birthing with a midwife, because they fulfull different roles. Doulas don’t give medical advice, but rather, they help you to find the best information, evidence, and resources to make confident decisions on your own. She won’t speak to your care providers for you, but she will gently remind you to ask questions and help you to advocate for yourself. Killeen texas doula Fort Hood doula

While doula support during labor may be what most people are familiar with, having a doula attend your birth is really only a part of the benefit. The prenatal support, including meeting one-on-one with your doula, attending customized classes, creating a birth plan, and having continuous communication with an educated birth professional are all invaluable. These things make a huge difference in how your labor and birth unfolds. Couples who have not taken childbirth classes, or who hire a doula at the last minute, don’t get the benefit of extended prenatal support. Some families are understandably nervous about inviting another person to their birth.  Killeen texas doula Fort Hood doula

What about dads?

A doula can help you and your partner come together and learn the coping techniques that work for you. They can help you have a better understanding of what to expect when labor begins. Ideally, prenatal doula support will give you and your partner more confidence and communication skills. You’ll also be able to labor at home in the early stages for longer, which is more calm and comfortable for both of you. Killeen Texas doula Fort Hood doula

Dads can’t reasonably be expected to learn everything about birth in less than nine months. During labor, they are often tired too, as well as concerned about their partner and baby. Doulas can help dads to support their partners more effectively. Doulas are also there to take over when dads need to rest, eat, or sleep. Some partners prefer to be very hands-on and involved, and other partners may need to step out periodically to regroup. Either way is fine. Doulas are able to “read the room” and will discreetly step back to allow mom and dad to connect more intimately when that’s what they prefer.

 I am no longer offering birth doula services. Thank you for your interest. 

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