Conscious Pregnancy Workbook

The Conscious Pregnancy Workbook is a starting point to one’s conscious awakening as a mother.

conscious pregnancy workbook

The Conscious Pregnancy Workbook gives mindful, gentle promptings to deeply reflect on your feelings & thoughts both before and after giving birth.

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Reclaim your personal path to confidence and healing in childbirth.

Commemorate your pregnancy as the sacred time of transition that it is – no matter how or where you’re birthing.

The UPDATED Conscious Pregnancy Workbook has two parts – pregnancy and postpartum.

108 pages, FULL of:

  • uplifting advice & quotes
  • writing prompts
  • useful worksheets
  • questions to consider
  • keepsake pages
  • printables
  • holistic hints and tips

The Conscious Pregnancy Journal is for women who want to think and feel through their pregnancies.

It’s perfect for those who don’t have patience or tolerance for disconnected, sexist, uncompassionate advice from outdated sources.

It’s practical meets etheric, beauty meets strength. It’s an amazing & thoughtful resource for any pregnant mama, and a fantastic teaching tool for a doula or midwife to use with her clients.

+ Ample space for recording memorable moments

+ Deeply explore your thoughts and feelings

+ Learn about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

+ Gorgeous original watercolor illustrations throughout

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108-page digital download – just $12.97, a very special offer.


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