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Hannah Neas, AAHCC, Natural Childbirth Educator, says…krystal trammell

“I took Krystal’s Birth like a Hippie! class when I was pregnant with my 4th child.

“I have been a childbirth educator for 6 years and a birth junkie since elementary school. I really enjoyed the course and took some of the great ideas into my 4th birth.

“I loved being able to be unapologetically crunchy with like minded parents and birth professionals and share some great birth wisdom.

“Krystal is a warm, fun, and insightful teacher and I highly recommend the class.”

S.B. in Austin, TX, says…

“The class was incredibly informative. I’m not sure if the small class size was intentional, but it made asking questions and getting information specific to me incredibly easy.

“I would recommend this class to anyone. It was very helpful!”

L.R. in Round Rock, TX, says…

“I liked the hands-on demonstrations of hip squeezing and counterpressure since I was able to feel how it should feel (when Krystal performed them on me) as opposed to how it felt my my husband did it (it didn’t feel great when he did it, so it was helpful to know how to tell him to change it up to match the instructor better).

“I feel more relaxed now because I know a little better about what to expect.”

Amity A. says…

“I love that you’re not associated with any particular method or ideology.

The best thing I took away was that *everything* is a choice.

“I recommend you to all my clients!”

Saba S. says…

“I have recommended the course to friends! I feel that there really is something for everyone in this course. I loved that the course was focused on choice.

“It wasn’t about the “right” way to birth, or about defining what constitutes natural childbirth.

“I am ready to have the kind of birth experience I want.  I believe that the course helped me arrive where I am.”

Doula Praise

Alexis L.-S. says…

“We opted for a natural birth, and Krystal was amazing at supporting us, and helping me through my labor.  Goober was facing the wrong direction for a while, and I ended up having very intense back labor.

“Krystal was a champ getting me into new positions to help ease the pain and get our little guy turned around. My husband and I wouldn’t have survived without her.

“Krystal came over to check on us and see how everything was going. She told us it looked like everybody was thriving. It was great to see her again and thank her for all of her help once I wasn’t half way passed out.”

Cara P. says…

“Krystal was AMAZING! My husband and I were hesitant to hire a doula as it was our second birth however I am so happy we did!

“Krystal had many calming techniques that really helped with our natural birth. I highly recommend Krystal and I pass on her info every chance I get.”

Catherine K. says…

“Krystal was our doula for the birth of my first baby in September 2015, and I am so glad she was. Without a doubt, her presence, knowledge, support, and patience made my 25 hour labor/delivery so much more empowering than it would have been otherwise.

“Krystal was with us from 6 am Friday to 3 am Saturday. We spent a few hours at home laboring/napping and then she met us at the hospital when it was go time. She was so calm, so patient, and so supportive of my decisions, from the decision to have a hospital delivery to the decision (at hour like, 23) to get an epidural to help coax baby out.

“She obviously has extensive experience and offered great comfort tips and advice for both my husband and me at every stage, without ever interfering or judging.

“She brought amazing lavender heating pads for my back. She negotiated with nurses for us and snagged a wireless monitor when they said that there weren’t any, allowing me to stay in my delicious hot shower a little longer.

“She encouraged me (and my husband) when things were exceptionally difficult, and she helped me talk through my medical options when I could not articulate anything except “I AM SO TIRED PLEASE JUST GET THIS BABY OUT.” She even brought my husband dinner at like 1 am!

“Without Krystal it would have just been us in a room…having a baby, I guess? It would have felt isolated and bewildering–despite the birthing classes we took and the fact that we had great nurses.

“I cannot overstate what a positive difference Krystal made in my birthing experience. I feared the pain of childbirth my whole life. And it was course painful, but I felt so strong and awesome throughout the whole thing–it ended up being an extremely positive experience! Honestly, I was kind of surprised at how positive it was. And no small part of that was due to Krystal’s presence and support. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Stefanie W. says…

“Krystal has been such a big help and support during my pregnancy and especially during the birth of my little man.

“She always had a listening ear and great advice. During the birth she encouraged me with helping words and helped me through each contraction.

“It was an all over awesome experience.  I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Kelli C. says…

“Krystal has a great wealth of knowledge about birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mothering in general.

“I wish we weren’t done having babies because I would totally go through natural childbirth again as long as she was by my side! She’s that AWESOME!”

Lyndsay M. says…

“Labor is hard work (obviously!) but having Krystal as my Doula was such a relief.

“My husband has said since the birth that he does not know what we would have done without her.

“She helped with my breathing and to focus my strength during contractions and provided awesome overall support throughout my entire labor.

“Having her was so invaluable and I would definitely use her again.”

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