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Evidence-based, holistic, digitally downloaded childbirth education curricula.

Sacred Waves Conscious online childbirth education with Krystal Trammell

This comprehensive childbirth curriculum can be used anywhere in the world!

Sacred Waves:  Conscious Childbirth Education

  • Do you want to learn what you need to know about labor and birthing from a sacred, interconnected perspective as well as a practical one??
  • Do you want to talk about connecting with your baby’s spirit, dig deep into healing belief work, AND know how to give birth holistically EVEN in a hospital setting?
  • If you feel it in your bones that birth is a sacred journey of courage and transition, and you’d like a mentor to guide you through the emotional challenges as well as the physical ones….

Brand-new video content + printables and practical exercises let you truly RETHINK BIRTH!

Topics include…

  • Informed consent and decision-making skills
  • Defining our beliefs about labor
  • The relationship between fear and pain
  • All about labor and its many variations
  • Pain coping practices
  • Labor rhythms and “waves”
  • The final weeks of pregnancy (a place between worlds)
  • The role of hormones in childbirth
  • Birth plans and expectations
  • Holistic help and comforts (acupuncture, massage, Reiki, essential oils & MUCH more)
  • Medical interventions & pain meds
  • Labor induction – what’s the evidence for & against it?
  • Cesarean birth (is birth!) – reducing your odds, healing afterward
  • The first few hours with your newborn
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Healing of your body & emotions postpartum
  • The “4th trimester” (mother/baby’s first 6 weeks)
  • Diapers, swaddling, baby gear and more
  • Postpartum doulas, becoming a mother
  • Relationships and changes – navigating your “new normal”

See what others are saying about this curriculum…

The Sacred Waves curriculum recognizes that childbirth is not just a physical endeavor, but must include aspects of education in mind, body, and spiritual awareness:


“What do you believe about birth? What do you want to know? What do you NOT want to know?
We’ll talk about evidence-based care and how to ensure you’re getting it; what normal labor looks like, and what you’re hoping for in your own labor and birth. We’ll discuss pain medications and what to expect at a hospital, birthing center, and at home. Finally, we’ll begin practicing pain coping techniques for labor!”


“Wear comfy clothes, this is a hands-on class! We’ll be moving around, learning body positioning, massage techniques, comfort measures, and communication for labor. We’ll play “what’s in the birth bag?” We’ll discuss the way that pain begins in the mind, and how to stay on top of the sensations of labor as things pick up in intensity. We’ll practice breathing techniques, and we’ll discuss various labor scenarios. We’ll learn how to use a birth ball and a rebozo as well (a birth ball is INCLUDED in the cost of this class).”


“How are you FEELING about all this? What, if anything, can be done to ease your worries and calm your fears? We’ll discuss your mindset about birthing, and we’ll explore how your relationship will be affected by these changes. We’ll also go over the not-so-basic basics of postpartum: breastfeeding and bonding with your newborn, how to cope with the first few weeks, how to get more sleep, and other top priorities. Finally, we’ll finish with a birth story and our pain coping practice, now using the tools and techniques we’ve learned in the past few classes.”

Rethink Birth’s curricula will include videos, audios, eBooks, worksheets, and printables for use by professionals in childbirth education classes, prenatal appointments, birth circles, and so forth.

  • A complete course outline and suggested schedule with teaching tips will be made available to you.
  • The course series is flexible. It contains seven modules and can be taught in several formats.
  • Access to the materials will be granted on an annual basis and CAN be used to teach your own classes.
  • Licensing will include the ability to use the RethinkBirth and Sacred Waves trademarks in your own classes.
  • Your name and business details will have the opportunity to be included in our exclusive listing of licensed RethinkBirth instructors.

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