Central Texas Birth Resource List

Natural childbirth resources in Central Texas:

Updated August 2018

NOTE: This listing is meant to be as comprehensive as possible–because there’s a birth professional out there for everyone!

If you’re a professional and want to be listed), please click here to submit your info.

This list a never-ending work in process and labor of love (pun intended!).



Bellycasting Services

Birth Centers

Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Doula Collectives & Group Practices

Breastfeeding Support – IBCLCs & Consultants

Breech Baby

    • Sandra Tallbear, CNM, ARNP now attends breech births at home or at The Natural Birthing Center in Salado
    • The OBs at OBGYN North are well-practiced at external cephalic versions (ECVs), and also do breech extractions of secondary twins.
    • Dr. Michael Nix in Austin does breech extraction of secondary twins.
    • Dr. Cummings in Denton has attended breech births for many years. Women have driven from over 2 hours away to access his care.
    • Brielle Epstein is a midwife in Austin who has attended breech homebirths.
    • Dr. Catherine Browne at Capital OBGYN does external versions.
    • Allie Goodwin – LotusATX.com

Car Seat Safety

    • Austin Travis County EMS will install your car seat for you at their events. They also provide free seats for those in need.
    • Car-Seat.org – Excellent articles, research, seat comparisons, and forums for specific Q&A
    • Safe-Car.gov – get a local professional to check your seat’s install!

doula killeenChildbirth Education Classes

Chiropractic Care

Circumcision Resources

Cloth Diapering

birth without fear rainbow diaper

Book: Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene (going diaper-free, or using elimination communication, is an alternative to diapers)

Craniosacral Therapy (Austin)

Fitness (Prenatal & Postpartum)

Book: Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman

Henna Art

Herbalists & Herbs

Holistic Pediatricians

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Support

Infant Safety & CPR

    • Austin Baby Guru – Allison Coleman teaches excellent infant safety and CPR classes in Austin and Round Rock

emotional healing for pregnancyLGBTQI-Friendly & Sensitive Providers

Massage (Prenatal)

Midwives – Out of Hospital

Midwives – In Hospital

Nutrition (Mothers & Babies!)

  • Balanced Foodies – Misti Buie, Holistic Nutritionist; specializing in perinatal nutrition and baby-led weaning


    • OBGYN North – Drs. Sebestyen; Piparia; Mirto. They also have CNMs that deliver at Natural Beginnings Birth Center (see above)
    • Nurture OBGYN – Drs. Andrea Campaigne; Lisa Carlile; Amy Lindsey; Bergen C. Vardell. They have a 13% Cesarean rate, deliver twins vaginally, and work with CNMs (in-hospital).



The Continuum Concept

Pelvic Floor Health & Sexual Wellness

placenta encapsulation killeen txPhotography (Maternity, Birth, and Newborn)

Placenta Services & Information

Postpartum Depression Resourcesrethink birth henna

Postpartum-Only Doulas

Postpartum Mom’s Groups

Sleep Resouces (NOT advocates of “cry-it-out”)

homebirth suppliesStillbirth, Miscarriage, & Pregnancy Loss Resouces

Teen Parents

Termination Resources

Books: Unspeakable Losses: Healing From Miscarriage, Abortion, And Other Pregnancy Loss

Trauma Healing

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Unassisted Birth

VBAC Resources

Water Therapy (Pregnancy, PTSD, etc.)

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