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On Abortion as a Doula and Birth Professional

Three days ago, Texas governor Greg Abbott “signed into law a so-called “heartbeat ban” abortion bill — barring most abortions at the onset of a fetal heartbeat, which can occur as early as six weeks into pregnancy,” says CNN. I’m disgusted. There’s plenty to love about Texas, but a heartbeat bill is absurd and harmful Read More

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Listen to My Dearest Doula Interview!

Have you heard of the Dearest Doula interview podcast yet? Dearest Doula interview are conducted by the pocast’s lovely host, visionary birth professional Nathalie Saenz, who’s also a fellow Shining Biz & Life Academy member! She interviews many diverse women on their services, offerings, philosophy of birth, and much more. Listen to my interview here! You Read More

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My Birth Without Fear Conference Review!

So, the first-ever Birth Without Fear Conference just wrapped up over the weekend, in Arlington, Texas! If you don’t yet know about Birth Without Fear, here’s my take on it: It’s a blog – but it’s more than “just a blog” – more than just essential reading for anyone who desires an empowering childbirth. It’s a movement Read More