Move More Sleep Better Eat Real Food (and listen to your intuition!)

Rethinking Modern Birth – Part 6: Sleep, Move, & Eat Real Food

Have you ever stopped to think about how the basics of good health have become so un-basic? Sleep, fitness, and nutrition are foundational aspects of living well, and that doesn’t change when you’re expecting. To optimize your prenatal health, do these three things: Take care to move your body every day, prioritize your rest and Read More


Rethinking Modern Birth – Part 2: Do Your Own Research!

Are you committed to having a better birth? Do your own research! Don’t rely on your health care professional to tell you everything you need to know, because they won’t. Not because they’re a jerk, or anything of the sort. It’s just that they don’t have the time to spend telling you things that aren’t Read More

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Rethinking Modern Birth – Part 1 of a Series

Why do we need empowered childbirth? How do we go about cultivating such a thing? Birth is something that every single one of us experiences–whether it’s giving birth, attending a birth, or being born ourselves. All human beings on Earth, throughout time, are connected through this most ancient rite of passage. In modern times, however, Read More

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Self Care During Pregnancy–Beyond Pedicures & Overpriced Virgin Drinks

Everybody’s talking about self-care–but let’s get real. Nobody’s saying you have to get weekly pedicures, and go out with the girls every Saturday night to feel like you’re a functioning human being. However, the flip-side of those lofty self-care ideals can be even worse. I personally can’t stand those memes that say things like, “I’m Read More


Can You Meet Your Child Before Birth? Prebirth Communication

Is it possible to “meet” your child before he or she is born? Or even before you’re pregnant? Many people and a growing body of scientific research say YES, prebirth communication is possible, and happens all the time. For example, my husband knew he had a child waiting to be born years before he ever Read More

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Depression During Pregnancy

The possibility of depression during pregnancy doesn’t seem to be talked about very often. We tend to hear the opposite–about pregnancy glow, and being awash in the hormones of love, etc. It took me five entire pregnancies to admit that I don’t actually like being pregnant. Of course, I love the building excitement, and the Read More