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On Being Gender Inclusive as Birth Professionals

We want to be inclusive as birth professionals; to be kind, and caring to all who cross our path. Doulas are well-versed in becoming whatever our clients need to be supportive of their unique birth experience. We know that one-size-fits-all narratives are ill-fitting at best, and can be extremely damaging when someone doesn’t “fit the Read More


Rethinking Modern Birth – Part 3: Ask Questions! (and Question the Answers)

Ask questions, and don’t just accept the answers blindly. There’s not really any such thing as a “routine” procedure, except for what’s part of your care provider’s typically-preferred routine. It’s all Optional. Recommended. Suggested. Commonly practiced.  If your healthcare provider tells you to get a test or procedure done, ask what it’s for, and whether Read More

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Freeing Yourself From Past Pain and Fear

Sometimes the light is made more brilliant by the contrast of darkness. Have you had a scary or unpleasant birth experience in the past? If you’re expecting again, you might be worried about a repeat of your last birth scenario, and that past fear and anxiety can play a role in the way that your Read More

lotus tree roots henna belly rethinkbirth

Listen to My Dearest Doula Interview!

Have you heard of the Dearest Doula interview podcast yet? Dearest Doula interview are conducted by the pocast’s lovely host, visionary birth professional Nathalie Saenz, who’s also a fellow Shining Biz & Life Academy member! She interviews many diverse women on their services, offerings, philosophy of birth, and much more. Listen to my interview here! You Read More