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Rethinking Modern Birth – Part 5: Read Positive Birth Stories!

Read positive birth stories. Once upon a time ago, I didn’t understand the point of birth stories. I thought once the baby was here, the birth was more or less incidental. After all, “the only thing that matters is that you have a healthy baby,” right? Uh, no. I take issue with that statement. Having Read More


Can You Meet Your Child Before Birth? Prebirth Communication

Is it possible to “meet” your child before he or she is born? Or even before you’re pregnant? Many people and a growing body of scientific research say YES, prebirth communication is possible, and happens all the time. For example, my husband knew he had a child waiting to be born years before he ever Read More

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Five Births – A Journey to Unassisted Birth

My own birth experiences have given rise to a deep passion for helping and healing other women, to awaken them to their own innate potential for joy, power, and trust in themSelves.  They have led me to unassisted birth. Above all, giving birth is about finding, trusting, and owning your power as a woman. Unassisted birth Read More

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My Birth Without Fear Conference Review!

So, the first-ever Birth Without Fear Conference just wrapped up over the weekend, in Arlington, Texas! If you don’t yet know about Birth Without Fear, here’s my take on it: It’s a blog – but it’s more than “just a blog” – more than just essential reading for anyone who desires an empowering childbirth. It’s a movement Read More