Oils for the 3rd and 4th Trimesters!

Depression During Pregnancy

The possibility of depression during pregnancy doesn’t seem to be talked about very often. We tend to hear the opposite–about pregnancy glow, and being awash in the hormones of love, etc. It took me five entire pregnancies to admit that I don’t actually like being pregnant. Of course, I love the building excitement, and the Read More

Oils for the 3rd and 4th Trimesters!

cloth diapers 101: what to buy, how to wash

Consider this your official crash course: Cloth Diapers 101! From birth to potty learning, cloth diapers don’t have to be expensive, complicated, or any more gross than changing ‘sposies. Cloth diapers are incredibly cute, and believe it or not, cloth can be even more convenient than disposables.  You’ll never make a midnight run to the Read More

Oils for the 3rd and 4th Trimesters!

My Birth Without Fear Conference Review!

So, the first-ever Birth Without Fear Conference just wrapped up over the weekend, in Arlington, Texas! If you don’t yet know about Birth Without Fear, here’s my take on it: It’s a blog – but it’s more than “just a blog” – more than just essential reading for anyone who desires an empowering childbirth. It’s a movement Read More