Birth Like a Hippie!

Birth Like a Hippie is a brand new eBook I’m offering for anyone who’s curious about birth from a truly natural, holistic perspective.

BirthHippieCoverWe’ll learn loads about the wide variety of holistic alternative tools, techniques, and therapies out there…but that’s not REALLY what birthing like a hippie is all about…

It’s really about a profound, overall shift in our thinking when it comes to birth, pregnancy, mothers and babies.
It’s about trusting wellness as our natural state of being during the childbearing year.
It’s about honoring and believing in our innate capabilities as women, to support women giving birth – regardless of whether that birth involves any level of medical intervention.

Whether you’re a doula, birth educator, or a mother-to-be, you won’t want to miss this excellent + informative crash-course in wellness during the childbearing year.

This eBook can be used by a midwife or doula as a template to teach a two-hour class to homebirthing and birth center moms.

It can also be used by pregnant women who want to learn more about natural and holistic approaches to pregnancy and birth.

Topics include…

  • Alternative wellness tools and what they’re good for
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood imbalances
  • Stress, sleep, and priorities during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Holistic movement (instead of “fitness”)
  • Eating for vitality (instead of “nutrition”)
  • Preserving the mother-baby dyad from a psychological perspective
  • Why positive thinking (AKA the Law of Attraction) has a nasty dark side, and how to avoid it
  • Beliefs, feelings, and fear – and how to use each to your advantage!
  • Disease and dysfunction as a state of misalignment within the mind and heart
    • chiropractic
    • essential oils
    • massage
    • herbs and supplements
    • homeopathy
    • flower essences
    • energy therapies
    • meditation and visualization
  • Alternative approaches to particular scenarios, including induction of labor, breech presentation, high-risk pregnancy, Cesarean birth, and prior trauma.
  • How and why holistic approaches work; and how to mention them to your clients responsibly + ethically (scope of practice concerns)
  • How to find peace and acceptance when things don’t go as planned

In a culture where 98% of moms give birth in the hospital with an OB, alternatives in both practice and thought are often met with skepticism…

Let’s choose, instead, to give more credit to mother’s’ intuition, to women’s’ wisdom – the innate wisdom of our bodies and our hearts.

Get the 13-page Birth Like a Hippie! eBook.
Just $9.97.


This ebook is a great overview of holistic and natural approaches & resources for wellness during pregnancy and birth.