Bach Flower Remedies

Learn more about how the Bach flower remedies can help you in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

Bach flower pregnancy birthThe Bach flower remedies have been used since the 1930s, and they are similar to homeopathic medicine for two reasons: They’re exceedingly gentle and subtle, and they WORK.

Dr. Bach believed that illness of the body was merely symptomatic of the thoughts or mental state of the individual person. He was a holistic physician who insisted that in order to bring about thorough healing, we must consider the whole person, not just their dis-ease.

I have completed both Level I and Level II of the approved Bach Centre educational training courses, and plan to become a certified Bach Flower Registered Practitioner upon completion of the third level of training.

I’ve used the Bach flower remedies for many years, and am continually amazed at the effects they create. Alone, flower remedies saved me from antidepressants, and have gotten me through many tough times.

Bach flower remedies can do no harm, and do not interact with any other treatments, so they can be safely used for anyone, even babies.

The Bach flower remedies are exceptional at helping you to overcome fear or grief, guilt, shame, impatience, anger, and many more troubling emotional states.
For more info on how they work, check out my article on Bach flower remedies and their use during pregnancy!

The Bach flower remedies are emotional medicine, exceptional at healing trauma, fear, grief, worry, and the physical symptoms of stress and illness that often correspond to these unpleasant emotional states.

Pregnancy, labor, and postpartum are all excellent times to become acquainted with the subtle healing power of flowers!

I offer Bach flower consults and customized blends, starting at $30 per treatment bottle. These typically last about 3 weeks; by that time a new blend of remedies may be indicated.

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Learn how Bach flowers support emotional wellness during pregnancy.