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I’ve poured my whole heart into creating soul-honoring tools like these since the birth of my 5th and last baby.
These unique, gentle, and mindful resources will guide you toward creating the calm and confident birth experience you desire!

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>> “Covid-19 is messing with my mojo! I feel so worried, and nothing’s going to plan!”

I hear you, and I feel for you. Birthing during these times is not ideal. It’s okay to feel sad, without judging yourself for having those feelings.

I believe you can still have a calm and gentle birth experience, with a little extra help from loving doulas like me who’ve created digital resources for birthing mindfully.


>> I feel like I don’t have access to the birthing options I want!

That’s so frustrating. I’m sorry to hear that. I was in the same boat when I had my own babies.

BUT I still wanted to find ways to experience joy during my birth…even if it didn’t happen in a forest with fairy lights and woodland creatures, or in the ocean surrounded by dolphins!

(I’m kidding. Mostly.) 



Giving birth is not akin to being ill, and it shouldn’t be treated like a disease.

With the right support system,
you can feel calm, confident, and empowered during your birth!




I became a mother at age 18, and again at 21. By the time I was 26, I’d survived a horrible ordeal of birth trauma at the hands of medical professionals, during the birth of my 3rd child. (You can read all those birth stories on my blog.)

Over the next five years, I became a birth doula and started supporting other women as they navigated maternity care. I tried my best to uplift their experience, and to provide them with the type of supportive, intimate, and mindful birth experience that I had longed for.

Finally, after I had FANTASTIC births with my last two babies, I realized that I MUST start writing, creating and sharing the body of knowledge and awareness I’d cultivated with the world. Before I knew it. I’d created an entire childbirth education curriculum, along with hours of video content and many other projects, to include the Releasing Your Fears eKit, my Conscious Pregnancy Workbook, and much more.


I write and create because I am compelled to

…because if even ONE person has a better birthing experience as the result of my sharing – then it’s WORTH IT, 1000 times over. 

You’ll find inspiration, support, and non-judgment here at

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