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Since having my 5th baby in 2011, I’ve poured my whole heart into creating soul-honoring tools like these.  
These unique, gentle, and mindful resources allow childbirth professionals and moms to truly experience woman-centered care.

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>> Do you live somewhere that doesn’t give you access to the birthing options you’d prefer?

>> Do finances, health, or other factors limit your decision about where and how to give birth?

I was in the same boat. BUT I still wanted to find ways to treat my birth experience like the natural, normal process it is! 

Giving birth is not akin to being ill, and it shouldn’t be treated like a disease or a risk factor. 
However – not all of us have the circumstances and support to birth holistically…like our hearts are yearning to. 

That’s why I created all the resources you’ll find on this site!

By the time I was 26, I’d just survived a horrible ordeal of birth trauma at the hands of professionals, during the birth of my 3rd child.
It took five years (and having two more babies!) to fully heal from that trauma. (You can read all those birth stories on my blog.)

By that time I’d also become a doula and started supporting other women as they navigated the maternity care that was available.
I tried to help them reconcile it with the type of supportive, intimate, and mindful birth experience they longed for.

Finally, one day I realized that I MUST start writing and creating and sharing the body of knowledge and awareness I’d cultivated with the world. Before I knew it. I’d created an entire childbirth education curriculum, along with hours of video content and many other projects, to include the Releasing Your Fears eKit, guided meditations, an art journal, a mother blessings kit, and much more.

I write and create because I am compelled to

…because if even ONE person has a better birthing experience as the result of my sharing – then it’s WORTH IT, 1000 times over. 

So welcome, to my heart’s impassioned creation.


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“Krystal has a great wealth of knowledge about birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mothering in general.” ~ Kelli C.

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