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conscious pregnancy workbook

Since having my 5th baby in 2011, I’ve poured my whole heart into creating soul-honoring tools like the Conscious Pregnancy Workbook and the Birth Like a Hippie! Kit.  
These unique and heart-centered products allow childbirth professionals and moms to truly experience with-woman care.

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I’m actively working to release the wealth of information (blog posts, videos, printables, and more) that I’ve lovingly created for mamas and doulas since 2011!

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I’ve been a doula since 2009 and a childbirth educator since 2011.
I deeply believe that birth can be improved for moms and families with the right education,  tools, and support.

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“Krystal has a great wealth of knowledge about birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mothering in general.” ~ Kelli C.

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