Cloth Diapers: What to Buy, How to Wash, and Why they’re Awesome

Why cloth? Well, why not??

There are a multitude of reasons, from health and environmental concerns, to baby’s physical comfort and significant cost savings.

Potty learning may even be easier when the time comes.

Cloth diapers are incredibly cute, and believe it or not, cloth can be even more convenient than disposables.  You’ll never make a midnight run to the corner store again!

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why the criminalization of pregnancy outcomes should make you angry

Angry.  That’s how I felt when I read about the new legislation in Tennessee, which will now allow pregnant women to be prosecuted for assault if they take narcotics during pregnancy and the fetus is harmed by her actions.

criminalize pregnancy outcomes

As a childbirth educator, of course I am keenly interested in helping to create positive pregnancy outcomes – i.e. healthy babies! – but I am most certainly NOT in favor of making criminals out of women whose choices negatively impact their pregnancies.

It’s so much more complicated than that… 

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