Bach flower remedies for pregnancy

Learn hoLearn how to use the Bach flower essences during pregnancy, labor, and birth  - rethinkbirth.comw to use the Bach flower remedies for pregnancy and beyond to safely and gently balance the emotions for deep healing, physically and mentally.

Anyone who’s been around a pregnant mama knows – the things that bother her aren’t just physical symptoms.

Emotional wellness is a huge component of a healthy pregnancy and birth – but there don’t seem to be a lot of tangible things we can do to heal our emotional ills.

That’s why the Bach flower remedies are nothing short of a game-changer.

I’ve worked with the Bach flower remedies for pregnancy and beyond, and they were the single most crucial component in healing my depression and anxiety.


midwives don’t have time for hip squeezes

doulas and midwivesDo you need a doula if you have a midwife?

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I hear you’re planning to give birth with a midwife? That’s great!

So, have you hired a doula yet??

“Nah”, you think. “Doulas are great for hospital births, but I’m birthing with a midwife! My partner’s very supportive, too. A doula won’t really be necessary.”

Actually…you might be surprised to learn that a doula has been statistically proven to be an excellent addition to your birth team, no matter where or with whom you’re birthing.

cloth diapers: what to buy, how to wash, and why they’re awesome

cloth diapers are awesome - cloth diapering 101 postWhy cloth? Well, why not??

There are a multitude of reasons, from health and environmental concerns, to baby’s physical comfort and significant cost savings.

Potty learning may even be easier when the time comes.

Cloth diapers are incredibly cute, and believe it or not, cloth can be even more convenient than disposables.  You’ll never make a midnight run to the corner store again!

why the criminalization of pregnancy outcomes should make you angry

criminalize pregnancy outcomesAngry. That’s how I felt when I read about the new legislation in Tennessee, which will now allow pregnant women to be prosecuted for assault if they take narcotics during pregnancy and the fetus is harmed by her actions.


As a childbirth educator, of course I am keenly interested in helping to create positive pregnancy outcomes – i.e. healthy babies! – but I am most certainly NOT in favor of making criminals out of women whose choices negatively impact their pregnancies.

It’s so much more complicated than that… 

benefits of babywearing – it’s not just for babies

benefits of babywearingYou think babywearing is about what’s best for babies? Well, yes, that’s part of it.

But many people don’t realize that the benefits of babywearing are really also for parents - because babywearing makes parenting so much easier, less stressful, and more joyful.

One common concern I hear from new moms is either surprise or frustration about the high level of neediness that their babies display:

“She cries every time I try to put her down.”

“I can’t get anything done without having to stop and nurse him.”

This is often one reason why many new moms even start to doubt whether they’re producing enough milk:

“Baby seems to cry so often, and she nearly always takes the breast when offered – clearly she must be starving!”

when to call bullshit on your pediatrician

When to call bullshit on your pediatrician

It drives me nuts when I hear parents stressing about what their pediatrician said they “HAD TO do” with their child.

It seems that doctors are now turned to and trusted for way more beyond medical advice in our culture, and it’s time somebody calls BS on that.

For example:

Your pediatrician told you to stop “comfort-nursing” your 10 month old?  Bullshit.

You were told to let your baby “learn to self-soothe” when you mentioned he’s not sleeping through the night yet?


This is the problem, right here:

Docs think they’re doing you a favor by passing on their own personal parenting advice.

the unassisted, healing freebirth of my fifth baby

freebirth pregnancy birth storyThe pregnancy:

Number five, unexpected, coming fast on the heels of my mother’s death–I was not in a receptive state of mind for being pregnant.

My due date calculations were also hazy this time.  I had a very short cycle in February, but chalked it up to stress.

Later I decided that must have been implantation bleeding.

I finally took a pregnancy test at the end of March, and I cried a lot in the beginning.